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Start with the end in mind

“Our Goals can only be achieved through the vehicle of a plan, which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” – Pablo Picasso

When thinking about our lives, our hopes, dreams and expectations, we must start with the end in mind.

Where do you want to be in 5 years, 10 Years, 25 Years, and what kind of person do you want to be? If you start thinking about these ideas, you can work back from where you want to be…and break it down into daily goals that will ultimately lead you to your lifelong ambitions.

This next bit is a bit deep…but go with it…really think about it.

Imagine for a minute that you are watching your own funeral…where a small group of people are going to read your epitaph. There is someone close from your business life, your best friend, your spouse or child and someone from a club or team you belong to. Each of them will take a few minutes to describe you, your achievements and the type of person you are and how you impacted their lives… Think about this scenario for a few minutes…

What would you like them to say? (find some paper and write down the key things right now!)

Do not let time, or money have effect on your goals… Once you have a really clear idea of how you would like your life to play out, then it is actually a fairly simple process of breaking these things down and setting long term, 10 Year, 5 Year, 1 Year, monthly and daily goals that help you achieve these things.

These goals must be SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals that motivate you and write them down to make them feel tangible. Then plan the steps you must take to realise your goal, and cross off each one as you work through them.

Just the act of thinking about your future, and breaking down the steps required to reach where you want to be is a really empowering experience. Having these clear goals written down, and regularly thinking about them, measuring them, refining them, really helps you to live your life with purpose.

These top level goals help give you direction in life so no matter what chaos the world throws at you, you know you are on the right path, and you have a map showing you the way. You wouldn’t dream of heading off on a long journey without an idea of your destination and the route you are going to take to get there, why is life any different?

Choosing and setting goals is actually fairly easy, completing the steps required to achieve them however require constant effort, constant motivation and drive. Self discipline is without doubt the single most important skill when it comes to levelling up and smashing your goals but accountability is also very important, having someone else to hold you to account is really helpful.

At L-Up HQ we have a weekly meeting where we set our weekly goals, we check up on each other daily to keep pushing each other on, and if people aren’t achieving what they set out to do then we all work together to help push them along.

Here are our 5 tips to help with your goal setting. Stop reading this blog…go and find some paper…and start writing down your goals today. Just that act will change your life and help you live your life with more purpose.

  1. Set SMART Goals (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound)
  2. Write them down with a pen…on paper. (Put it up somewhere you will see it every day and then take a picture on your phone and refer to it regulary!)
  3.  Check them every night…and every morning. (This will really help you get a better nights sleep and wake up feeling energised and passionate to start your day! We will cover this in our post on levelling up your sleep)
  4. Set goals that help you grow (Chose things you feel passionate about, that will help you learn and expand your circle of friends)
  5. Have Faith in yourself. Have the confidence that you have the daily steps required in place to level up to wherever you want to be.


Go and do it…now… #levelup




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